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Consistent Style Across Editors

Consistent Style Across Editors Sometimes, common themes occur if working on a project with multiple people and different development environments. One of the unexpected, time-consuming problems is related to editor configurations. But it is pretty easy to unify things, if you know where to look…

Ruby Layers with Serverless

Ruby Layers with Serverless After showing how easy it is to write AWS Lambda functions in Ruby, we will work on a way to build Layers with external dependencies or shared data in this post.

Chef Interactive

Es ist vermutlich bekannt, dass Chef ein Tool für die automatische Provisionierung und Konfiguration von Systemen ist. Sobald man also ein Problem hat, dass diese beiden Bereiche verlässt, werden Internetposts und Supportanfragen jeder Art wahrscheinlich in eine von zwei Antworten münden: „Das ist nicht möglich“ oder „So macht man das aber nicht“. Aber – was wenn man einen echten, exotischen Anwendungsfall hat. Und das möglicherweise nur als Übergangslösung?

Chef Interactive

As you probably are aware, Chef is a tool which is meant for automatic provisioning and configuring of systems. So if you have a particular problem falling outside of the regular use cases, both posts on the internet and support enquiries of any kind will probably result in one of two answers: “that is not possible” or “you are doing it wrong”. But - what if you really need this for a rather exotic task or even as an transitory solution?