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How To Hybrid! - AWS Systems Manager Patch Management

As AWS Cloud adoption becomes more widespread throughout the industries, challenges arise how to govern IT resource usage and implement a coherent management for systems across on-premises and the AWS Cloud. This blog post gives insights in how the AWS offered Systems Manager capabilities could be extended from the cloud environment to your hybrid and on-premises environments.

Assessing compliance with AWS Audit Manager

Introduction As in traditional IT infrastructures, firms in regulated industries such as banks or energy providers have strict security requirements to comply with when using public cloud providers as well. However, cloud adoption is often driven by application development teams that are striving for increased speed and agility to launch new features in their application, but don’t care too much about those regulatory requirements. That makes it particularly important for IT governance functions to have effective tools to evaluate compliance with the aforementioned standards and gather evidence that can be provided to their internal or external auditors.

Analyzing CloudWatch Costs

Amazon CloudWatch is a managed service for storing, visualizing and analyzing logs and metrics data of applications and AWS infrastructure. The service is simple to configure and use and is priced based on usage. Thus, adoption is generally both easy and cheap compared to other tools such as Splunk, ElasticSearch, Datadog, and all the others out there. Upon heavy usage, it can become quite expensive though. This post summarizes some common cost drivers in CloudWatch and proposes strategies to identify these and reduce their costs.