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Working with lists in DynamoDB

DynamoDB supports complex data types like lists. In this post we take a look at different ways to interact with lists. We will use Python to write code that may be used in a data access layer to manipulate items with list attributes.

Modelling a product catalog in DynamoDB

Data modelling in NoSQL databases is different from what we’re used to in the relational world. In this article we’ll talk about the process of data modelling in DynamoDB, single-table design and how to build a basic data access layer using python. We’ll explore these concepts by building a product catalog for a simple webshop that supports different query patterns and basic inventory management.

DynamoDB in 15 minutes

In this post I’ll introduce DynamoDB, a very powerful fully managed NoSQL wide-column data store in AWS. We will talk about data structures, the APIs to read and write data, indexes, as well as performance and cost considerations. In the end you will gain a solid understanding of the basics, which will serve as a starting point for further research.

Why I had to update my mental model of DynamoDB streams

In a recent training I learned something about DynamoDB streams that surprised me. I had expected that any PutItem, UpdateItem or DeleteItem API call would cause a record to appear in the stream of my table, but that’s not the case. The stream works a little different from what I expected and in this short article I’m going to explain to you how.