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The declarative vs imperative Infrastructure as Code discussion is flawed

“Infrastructure definition has to be declarative”. Let’s see where this presumption gets us. My guess why some ops guys prefer pure terraform or CloudFormation is that these languages seem to be easier to understand. There is precisely one way of creating a specific resource in the language. If you use a programming language, there are many ways to solve one specific problem. The problem which could occur later in the project is that both declarative languages have boundaries in what they can do, with a programming language you do not have these boundaries.

Installationen für Alexa live Coding - Durchblick bei der neuen Alexa Presentation Language

Alexa live coding Installations The AWS Usergroup Hannover meets on 21. of November at tecRacer. Details on the meetup website of the event Das Treffen wird in deutsch stattfinden! Um life mitzumachen, müssen ein paar Tools installiert werden. Ein twitch stream zur Installation und später das Treffen seht ihr in den twitch clips: hier Streaming starts Streaming beginn 19:00 Zeitzone Europe/Berlin unter Node, npm See Website Test node --version ASK Alexa Skills kit cli

Defenders - caller based EC2 security with CDK

Defenders: Caller based EC2 security The risk with security credentials is that they get exposed an are being used elsewhere. What if we could prevent that the are being used elsewhere. The idea from the article of William Bengston from netflix was: Dynamically locking credentials to the environment. This implementation of this idea is much more simple with the cdk. So, let’s defend ourselves! Our story here is the battle of the defenders (tm).

More Tools - CDK Examples

We need more CDK examples In this github repo we focus on examples for every day work. While there are some nice examples for the fancy stuff like fargate, ecs and so on in aws-cdk-examples/typescript at master · aws-samples/aws-cdk-examples · GitHub, i felt that basic examples where missing. So we created GitHub - tecracer/cdk-templates: Templates for aws cdk

Getting around circular CloudFormation Dependencies: S3-Event-Lambda-Role

Getting around circular CloudFormation dependencies Several posts complain about the inability of CloudFormation to apply a Lambda event function to an S3 Bucket with an dynamically generated name. The standard UseCase is an S3 Bucket with a Lambda event notification. In this special case the Bucket has a dynamically generated name. This cannot be done by pure CloudFormation! How to work around this circular depency? Let me show you an easy way:

The serverless kingslayer? - Migration from serverless to CDK

The serverless kingslayer? - Migration from serverless to CDK Last day I have been at a customer and suggested using the CDK for Infrastructure as code. He responded with a huge yes. He has worked his way through the CDK Intro Workshop aws-cdk-examples/typescript at master · aws-samples/aws-cdk-examples · GitHub and wanted to use it. Then we discussed a lambda function. The customer was using the serverless framework - like most of the people.

Das Gleiche für alle: Lambda Funktion *und* Ressourcen mit der gleichen Sprache im CDK

Das AWS CDK, Cloud Development Kit wurde auf der reInvent 2018 vorgestellt und soll die codebasierte Entwicklung von AWS Ressourcen vereinfachen. Infrastructure as Code zu Ende gedacht. Nun gibt es ja schon einige andere Frameworks, wie z.B. in tRick hier beschrieben. Die Konkurrenz ist also groß! Kann man das neue CDK denn auch für Serverless/Lambda Funktionen verwenden? Von mir ein großes “Ja”, aber lest selber…