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How To Hybrid! - AWS Systems Manager Patch Management

As AWS Cloud adoption becomes more widespread throughout the industries, challenges arise how to govern IT resource usage and implement a coherent management for systems across on-premises and the AWS Cloud. This blog post gives insights in how the AWS offered Systems Manager capabilities could be extended from the cloud environment to your hybrid and on-premises environments.

Insider Story - Matthias Jansky

We, as tecRacer, thrive on our individual and unique employees. In our series “Insider Stories” Matthias will tell you how he found his way to the company as well as how he experiences working for tecRacer.

Secure Backup Solution for OnPremises and Hybrid Environments

With current ransomware attacks it is important to have a reliable backup strategie in place. With Veeam Backup & Replication you are able to backup your on-premises and hybrid environments and extend your storage solution with AWS Cloud capabilities to increase capacity and archiving storage with AWS S3 service.