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Automating Athena Queries with Python

Automating Athena Queries with Python Introduction Over the last few weeks I’ve been using Amazon Athena quite heavily. For those of you who haven’t encountered it, Athena basically lets you query data stored in various formats on S3 using SQL (under the hood it’s a managed Presto/Hive Cluster). Pricing for Athena is pretty nice as well, you pay only for the amount of data you process and that’s relatively cheap at $5 per TB when you consider the effort to set up EMR Clusters for one-time or very infrequent queries and transformations. Read more →

The Same for everyone: Lambda Function and Code with the same language via AWS CDK


The AWS CDK has been presented on reInvent 2018. Its mission is to simplify develop infrastructure as code.

There are several other frameworks, as discussed here on the blog in tRick. So there are some competitors… Can you use shiny new CDK also for serverless lambda applications?

Big “Yes” from my side, but read for yourself…

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Building Lambda with terraform

Building Lambda Functions with Terraform Introduction Many of us use Terraform to manage our infrastructure as code. As AWS users, Lambda functions tend to be an important part of our infrastructure and its automation. Deploying - and especially building - Lambda functions with Terraform unfortunately isn’t as straightforward as I’d like. (To be fair: it’s very much debatable whether you should use Terraform for this purpose, but I’d like to do that - and if I didn’t, you wouldn’t get to read this article, so let’s continue) Read more →